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Strategic Asset Management (SAMTI)

For Transformational Impact

Solve Asset Management Challenges within your Organisation and build capability.

Best For:  Senior Leaders responsible for Asset Management.

Level:  Above MBA

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Graduate Programmes

Develop Your Career

Get ahead and take control of your Career

Best For: Career Development into Asset Management roles

Level: Post Graduate

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On-line Blended Learning

Interactive experience

Programme designed with You in mind

Learning experience designed with learners

All our Programmes are now Online due to Covid


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Coaching and Mentoring

Independant Confidential Support

“If You Know What To Do To Reach Your Goal…… It’s not a big enough Goal”

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"Let's Re-think Strategic Asset Management"

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Discover how our collaborative approach that’s Research Led, Provides expertise from Industry, and that Transforms the way you think.

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What our Learners are Saying. Testimonials

Paradigm Shift

“This is really about mindset change and doing something differently in order to make an impact”

Industry Practitioner Insights were Amazing

"Cross Industry insights were invaluable"

Enjoyed the blended learning

"I got a really good mix of experts, practitioners, coaching and working with my own Asset Management Challenges throughout"

Behavioural Change really surprised me

“The course includes elements of behavioural change when looked at using different lenses for the company, again very useful as once the logic of the course is worked through I can see how to change the company”